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If you are unable to keep up with your loan payments and/or facing foreclosure, there are legal options available to you.  Attorney Richard Zirt assists clients in the Mid-Hudson area with negotiating loan modifications.  He also represents clients in court to contest foreclosures. He understands that overwhelming debt and the possibility of foreclosure can be frightening, stressful, and confusing.  That’s why Richard provides personalized guidance and advice to ensure that his clients are aware of their options, rather than feeling hopeless.

By negotiating with the financial institution that owns your loan, Attorney Zirt may be able to modify the terms of your loan.  Modifications may include lowering the interest rate, extending the duration of the repayment period, changing the type of loan, or a combination of these actions.  It can be difficult to get a loan modification without representation from a licensed attorney.  Attorney Richard Zirt has extensive experience communicating with loan providers and he knows what to do to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

If you are facing a foreclosure, there are several options that may allow you to keep your home.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy, refinancing, and loan modifications are some of the most common methods.  In some cases, you can contest a foreclosure on the grounds that the mortgage company filed the foreclosure improperly.  Attorney Richard Zirt has successfully represented clients in foreclosure proceedings for many years.  Contact our office today to speak with an experienced attorney and find a solution to your debt problem.

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law offices of richard scott zirt

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  • Law D Avatar
    Law D
    6/24/2019 - Google

    Richard Zirt is a well respected attorney among his peers for his keen academic mind. Moreover, he generously offers his... read more

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    tony tian
    2/24/2019 - Google

    Very good traffic attorney with patience and professional knowledge.

    Francis OReilly Avatar
    Francis OReilly
    2/24/2019 - Google

    Sharp, well prepared and respected by both the judges and other attorneys. You cannot go wrong by hiring Richard Zirt.

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