Start Over With A Clean Slate

We know how stressful it is to have creditors hounding you and calling you at all times of day and night, including at your workplace. That's no way to live. When you've been harassed enough, come talk to us about how we can help stop the harassment and put you on a path to being debt-free. Bankruptcy may sound scary, but it's simply one of the tools that can help you out of a bad situation which may not be your fault. Divorce, job loss, medical bills, the economy, or other life events can leave anyone overwhelmed and needing help. There's no shame in taking the necessary positive steps to regain financial control of your life and relief from your debts.

Why Not Learn Your Options?

It's natural to want to run and hide from aggressive and threatening creditors. That's why they use such tactics. If you receive a foreclosure notice, we understand that you would prefer to ignore it. But ignoring it could only make your situation worse. Your first consultation with one of our lawyers is free, so there's nothing to lose by coming to talk to us sooner rather than later. At that consultation we will make recommendations about how best to proceed, but we don't force you to do anything. If filing for bankruptcy seems like the best option, we'll discuss what that involves. It's possible, however, that there may be other ways in which we can help you, whether it's through:

  • Defending a lawsuit/foreclosure proceeding
  • Strategic planning

    Your solution will be tailored to your specific circumstances, which is why it's so important that you come in to talk to us rather than trying to figure it out by yourself. Whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy (liquidation) is an option for you, or you should instead file Chapter 13 bankruptcy (reorganization), come in and speak to us to find out what your various rights and options are.

    Myth alert: Some people think you can only apply for bankruptcy once in your life. This is untrue. If you've applied for bankruptcy before, you may be able to apply after a certain amount of time.

    Take A Positive Step Today

    It's time to stand up to creditors and start working smart to get your life back on track. The information you need is just one phone call away. Schedule your free initial consultation with the Law Offices of Richard Scott Zirt in Monticello by calling 800-390-5276 or by emailing us for more information.